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Lehigh Mining & Navigation Advertising Agency

Graphic Design Intern | March 2023- May 2023

Through my time at Lehigh Mining & Navigation, I learned skills in Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop, and most importantly; how successful advertising agencies stay organized and flow cohesively. I truly had a great deal of fun here!

New Intern Intro Post

LM&N wanted to post an Instagram welcoming me to the agency so they asked my to create a set of slides to highlight my work. 

I created a continuous scroll post highlighting some of my favorite projects from school.

Stop-Motion Post

The task was to create a stop-motion video for an Instagram post for the agency.

I learned how to import images through Lightroom, and how to use Photoshop to create a Timeline. I also learned how to utilize a professional camera to situate a scene for the photos,
lay out the letters in a way that would transition well, edit the photos to create a continuous video, add sound effects, and render the video for distribution.

Mother's Day Post

The agency asked me to create a post for Mother's Day highlighting the mothers of the employees of the office. I wanted to create a continuous scroll post to look like a scrapbook a mother may have put together themself. 

I didn't want to go too far away from the brand guidelines for LM&N so I added in their elements and previous design styles.

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