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Small Business Development Center - Kutztown Branch

Social Media Marketing Intern | Brand & Design Specialist

Working as an intern, and now as a Graduate Assistant, I have been able to communicate directly with 60+ clients and small business owners to develop branding and design that would best suit the business and the owners themselves.

Since these are works done within the SBDC, unfortunately, I am unable to post projects due to confidentiality... BUT I am more than willing to chat about them!

PA DESK Program Branding

Our team of graduate students and undergraduate interns led by professional SBDC staff provides guidance and resources to create an effective and engaging digital marketing strategy.

We help develop a powerful brand message, create engaging content, create a website or update a current one, maximize SEO, and refresh digital media assets to guide the utilization of the latest in digital marketing strategies.

Logo Design

To create a logo for this new department, I followed the branding guidelines of the Small Business Development Center with the colors. The primary logo can be condensed to create a secondary logo for any watermarks, accents, etc.


In Use

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